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Mayor of Bayraklı  Listening Device Found in His Room

In İzmir, a listening device was found in the electrical socket in the office of Serdar Sandal, who was elected as the Mayor of Bayraklı from the CHP in the 31 March 2019 local elections. The device's first  investigation results emerged.

It was announced that there was a listening device in the electrical socket in Bayraklı Mayor Serdar Sandal's office. Mayor Sandal, who gave information about the listening device to Bayraklı District Governorate and Bayraklı Police Department, had the device recorded in the presence of municipal personnel and expert police from the police. The device, which experts stated could listen at close range, was taken to the Police Department for detailed examination. 



Stating that they have filed a criminal complaint about the listening device, Sandal said, "Let's find out together who are those who wonder what we talked about and what we will do until they put a listening device in our office room. Let all Bayraklı, all İzmir public know. I would like to thank all our police friends who came from our provincial and district police department, who examined the device and informed us. I filed a criminal complaint. I'm sure whoever planted a bugging device in my room will be found quickly. We will follow the issue together with our lawyers, and we will inform the press and the public about the developments.”


The first listening device found in Bayraklı Mayor Serdar Sandal's office  the results of the investigation emerged.

It was determined that the device was placed for listening purposes and did not record sound, but could transmit sound to a distance of about 40 meters and allow it to be recorded there. It was stated that technical information could be revealed in more detail after the investigations of the police, who seized the device.


Mayor Serdar Sandal, who said that the device was located in the section with the sockets under the table, said in a statement on the subject: "I do not know whether the device is listening or watching. But friends have detected the existence of such a device. We kept a record with our friends. Mr. District Governor, we have informed the police.

They are also necessary  they did the review. The investigation is ongoing, but there is a belief that it is most likely a listening device. We estimate that it was placed within the last three to four months. However, clear information about them will be revealed when the investigation is completed. I don't know the reason why the device was placed. As a result, we have been on the job for 3-4 months. I don't know why something like this was posted. We are making some arrangements, we have savings measures. There are other things we do. There are new regulations inside. There may be groups or units that are disturbed by them. I do not know. With the research of our security forces, we will reach more reliable information.”

Serdar Sandal was elected as the Mayor of Bayraklı in the March 31 elections, after CHP's Hasan Karabağ, who served for 2 terms.



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