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Frequently Asked Questions

01 - What is Eavesdropping Device (Bug)?

The listening device, known as an insect, is a very small electronic device with a microphone on it. The listening device is used to secretly capture the sounds in a certain environment.


Radio frequency (RF) listening device, GSM-based listening device, closed-circuit voice recorder, closed-circuit hidden camera systems, laser remote listening device  There are varieties such as

02- What are Listening Devices? 

The most used types of listening devices,

RF Listening Devices:
  By using Radio Frequency, it transmits ambient sounds to its receiver wirelessly by broadcasting over a certain frequency. Rf listening devices work with battery and/or electricity supply. 

GSM Listening Devices:
  In systems working with GSM Sim card, the sounds in the environment are listened by calling the sim card number placed in the device from any phone number. Listening distance is unlimited. GSM listening devices work with electricity and / or batteries. There is no time limit when powered by electricity. 

Closed Circuit Voice Recorders:
  Mini voice recorders are the most dangerous of listening devices. Mini voice recorders are almost impossible to detect because they are closed circuit and record sound inside themselves. It is highly preferred because it is low cost compared to RF Listening devices or GSM listening devices.  


Laser Listening Devices:  Laser listening systems send a laser beam to the environment from a certain distance and enable the sounds to be listened to by converting the vibration on the objects into sound. Laser listening systems are not preferred because of their high cost.

Closed Circuit Microphone System:  It is a listening system that is realized by placing a mini microphone in an environment with a wired device and connecting it to the recording device. It is not a preferred system because it is difficult to implement.

03- Where can the Listening Devices be? 

Listening devices can be just about anywhere, as they are as small as coin sizes. The interiors of electrically operated devices are the most preferred places. For example, remote control, lamp, calculator, tv, monitor, mouse, keyboard... 

04- Listening Devices can be detected or blocked  is it?


05- What should be done after detection of listening devices?

If the listening devices are detected, they should be reported to the security units and handed over to the authorities by keeping a report in the presence of a lawyer. 

06- What is Hidden Camera? 

Hidden cameras are high-tech devices that are impossible to see with the normal eye and can secretly record video images. There are types of hidden cameras that can see through a hole smaller than 1 mm.

07- Where can the Hidden Cameras be? 

Since hidden cameras have a limited time when they work with batteries, they can preferably be in devices that are fed with continuous energy. 

08- Can Hidden Cameras be detected? 

Yes, it can be detected. 

09- Hidden camera detector  why ? 

hidden camera detector  are devices that detect hidden cameras.  


10- What is Personal Security? 

To be able to protect their own rights in matters that people have difficulty in proving  It is the whole of the security system provided by the devices they use to collect evidence. 

11- Is it legal to use Personal Safety Devices? 

The legality of personal security devices varies according to the use and application of individuals. It is appropriate to transfer the evidence collected using these devices to the legal authorities.

All these devices are for protection and protection and related to the use of all these devices; inappropriate and illegal  in cases of use, threats, blackmail, infringement of personal rights and gaining benefits and benefits by all these means  purposeful use constitutes a crime. 

12- What is Transmitter Detection Device?

Transmitter detection device is a device that detects whether there is a listening device in an environment. 

13- Is it legal to use transmitter detection devices? 

The use of a transmitter detection device is not against the law. 

14- What are the blocking devices? 

Blocking devices may or may not be in the environment.  They are devices that can be placed and prevent cell phone spying, GSM listening devices, wireless cameras, GPS tracking devices from working. 

15- What is GSM blocker and GSM Jammer?

GSM blocker is a device that blocks GSM-based listening devices in the environment.

Wiretapping - Cell Phone Security - Legal Wiretapping


16-What is legal listening? Who is it done by?  

Confidentiality of communication  Interfering with the communication between users, which is controlled and guaranteed by Article 22, is only possible within the framework of the relevant provision in the Constitution, under the conditions regulated by law and with the decision of the competent court on the subject.
In accordance with the provisions of the law numbered 5397 and the regulation regulating the main principles regarding the implementation of this law, the detection of communication and communication made through electronic communication (such as calling, calling, date, time, location information), listening to the conversation, evaluation of signal information and signal strengths and recording. The procurement procedures have started to be carried out by the Telecommunications Communication Presidency (TİB), which has been operating under the Information Technologies and Communications Authority (BTİK) since 23.07.2006.
Although not all GSM operator companies are responsible for the issue, technical support is provided to the Telecommunication Communication Presidency only in all matters.

17- Is it a crime to tap phones?

Confidentiality and security of communication in our country are in line with the 22nd article of our constitution.  It was provided on 23.07.2006 with the TCK and the law numbered 5397. In addition, the confidentiality of private information of individuals is protected by the regulations of the regulatory authority.

According to the regulations, interference in electronic communications is only possible with a court decision, which is only enforced in obligatory and necessary cases by institutions authorized to listen in under the law. The court decision, the numbers to be listened to are specified one by one, the unit requesting the decision, such as the police, the gendarmerie or the national intelligence agency, is the regulation authority within the Information Technologies Institution (BTİK).  Telecommunications Communication Presidency  (TİB) and monitored by TİB over the private network within the operator company, and the wiretaps are made independently of company employees. Service providers are in no way a party to this intervention; it only helps by keeping the technical equipment and network within the company in use, by evaluating and eliminating the faults and warnings, and by keeping the necessary technical infrastructure active. 

In the event that this intervention is made illegally, the perpetrators will be tried and punished according to the Constitution, Law No. 5397, and special provisions in the Turkish Penal Code. In addition, many different sanctions have been defined in the license agreements of GSM operators, such as the cancellation of the agreement in such violations. All service operators protect their ethical values and provide information about their customers since the first day they started to provide services.  and  It has adopted the principle of not sharing all kinds of data with third parties in any way, unless requested by legal means, as a definite principle in accordance with the laws.  

18- What was the legal procedure regarding the wiretaps before 23.07.2006?

Before 23.07.2006, the transactions related to the detection, listening, evaluation and recording of the communication via telecommunication were carried out in accordance with the framework drawn by the laws and obligations in force as of that day. The transactions in question could only be carried out by the same security units, after the court decision taken by the Gendarmerie, Security forces and Intelligence units was communicated to the relevant GSM operator.

19- Can GSM operators listen and record phone calls?

GSM operators are responsible for the establishment and operation of all the infrastructure necessary for the realization of electronic communication and the elimination of technical problems. All mobile phone tapping and recording of conversations are carried out by the relevant government units (TİB) only in legally determined processes.

Employees of service providers are under no circumstances authorized to do such a thing. This is a study that is carried out completely independently of the service provider.

20- Are our conversations recorded? 

GSM operators cannot keep any voice recordings regarding the content of the conversation between people and users. The recordings of the conversations are from GSM service providers.  It is used for records showing which user is in contact with which phone number and for how long. This information is required for invoicing and the detailed billing statement includes this information.  

21- Can the GSM Service Provider see and record the content of the sent SMS messages?  

Subscriber contact information and the contents of messages cannot be monitored and recorded by GSM service providers. 

Can my calls be eavesdropped with cell phone spyware?

Today, smart mobile phones have turned into small portable computers where many applications can be easily installed and consist of operating systems and applications that have many functions. It has become very easy to violate the confidentiality of communication with some applications and software that are written and used for malicious purposes. Written for mobile phones and the Internet  A number of listening and tracking operations can be performed by easily purchasing or downloading on the website. What can be done with these software;

Listening to media:  By dialing the number of the target phone, the environment can be listened to at any time. Thanks to the smart software, when the target phone is called only from your specified number, the ring tone, vibration and light are turned on without turning on, so that the target person can listen as much as they want without noticing. 

Telephone Interception:  When a call starts on the target phone, an SMS is sent to the instantly identified mobile phone notifying this call. In the incoming SMS, the number of the target person is indicated. It is also reported whether it is called or called. Once this SMS is received, it is sufficient to call the number of the target phone to listen to the call. It is possible to listen to the conversation by intervening instantly. 

Message Notice:  When a message is sent to the target phone or a message is sent from the target phone, the same message is sent to the defined phone number in real time. 

Search Notification:  When the target phone receives a call or makes a call, a message will appear informing you which number the call was made with. 

SIM Information:  When another SIM card is inserted in the target phone, this change is immediately notified by an SMS. 

Location Information:  You can ask the target phone to let you know where it is by sending a command from the defined phone.  


22- Are there spy cell phones? How is it working?  

It is possible to get contact information by installing malicious software on a normal phone, as well as by purchasing phones that are suitable for this purpose. Again, there are spyware installed on the phone and mobile phones that are sold exclusively for these processes. These phones are usually 'under the stairs' outside the official outlets.  regions or the internet.  is sold through the channel.

The way these phones work is the result of replacing existing phone commands with the installed software. It is provided to act as a spy on commands sent to the phone or calls received from a defined special number. For example, when the spy phone is called by the phone that controls it, the passive listening feature is immediately active and all the sounds in the environment can be listened to. Similarly, when making a call and pressing #* keys, it can be entered in parallel with the current conversation.  

23- Is it possible to listen via base stations?  

In GSM networks, the air communication between the mobile phone and the base station is encrypted with the encryption algorithm called A5/1. In voice communication base station, data communication (GPRS, EDGE,LTE) Main  is decoded in the network (SGSN). Listening on the base station is not possible.  

24- Do the listening devices have a connection with the phones?  

Listening devices are a listening method that has been used frequently since the past. Wireless listening devices collect the sounds in the environment they are in (room, car, etc.) and transmit them to a defined receiver at a limited distance over signals. Conversations can also be listened to over the receiver. Companies that are faced with such threats regularly use bugging devices  bug  It tries to avoid encountering such a situation by making a call).

Persons or groups that receive frequent visitors and may give important information to competitors or other relevant institutions in case of listening should be careful in this regard. Since these devices are quite small, they are very difficult to notice with the naked eye. Sometimes it can be positioned not as a stand-alone device, but also as an ornament or part of a gift.

The biggest disadvantage of listening devices is that listening activities can be performed over a close distance (0-1000 m depending on the signal field of view and strength). Therefore, the distance solution is solved with mobile phones. Devices known as spy cell phones today are actually listening devices. The most important advantages are that it allows listening without distance limit. However, if the device is left in an area such as a normal listening device, its battery will run out, and if you give this device to the person you are listening to, it will be possible to listen to this person as it will be charged regularly and will be with him all the time.

Another important creative listening device is the SPY GSM 3, which solves both the energy problem and the distance problem.  is a socket. It is a very clever listening device that can be placed in your home or office without arousing suspicion. There is absolutely no distance limit thanks to the GSM transmitter. Wherever you are in the world, you can contact your home or workplace in Turkey by simply calling the number inside the device plugged into a 3-way socket from your mobile phone.  You can listen. Another feature of this device that makes it effective is that it takes the energy required to operate the transmitter from the electricity to which it is plugged. 

By our company, detection of such listening devices is carried out with professional transmitter detection devices, devices that detect spy listening devices such as spectrum analyzers, environment analysis and detection of listening devices. 

What is a crypto phone? For what purpose is it used? 

Encrypted phones  These are special phones that enable mutual end-to-end encrypted conversations with a special encryption software. Thanks to these phones, it is aimed to keep the content confidential against the risk of breaking the GSM encryption algorithms by providing an additional level of security. 

As a crypto word, it has been translated into Turkish from the English name of the word "encryption". Cryptocurrency is also done with a special hardware or software on the phone. The voice is encrypted before the transmission starts over the GSM module over the phone. Then, it is transferred to the GSM network as a signal via the GSM module in the phone, as in normal communication. However, since the transferred data is encrypted with a different algorithm beforehand, even if it is listened to, incomprehensible data is obtained during listening. However, if this encryption is also broken, eavesdropping can be performed. It is necessary to use the same type of encrypted phone at both ends of the conversation. 

Import of such equipment to Turkey or production within Turkey is carried out with special permission. It is often used by high-level statesmen and law enforcement.   


25- What can those who are disturbed by the phone do?  

Confidentiality of Communication Constitution  It is guaranteed by Article 22, and investigations on communication between individuals can only be done within the scope of the Constitution.  within the framework of the relevant provision, under the conditions regulated by the Law and with the decision of the competent court. In individual cases such as harassment or theft of a mobile phone, the call records of the victim's phone (caller and dialed phone numbers) are sent to the relevant court or prosecutor's office, with a decision made by the court or public prosecutors. Subsequent work takes place outside the operator. Therefore, if you encounter such a situation, we recommend that you first make a complaint to the official institutions of the state.  


26- What should the person who has stolen or lost their phone do for the security of their information?  

If your phone is stolen, first of all, call the customer service of the service operator you are using, inform about the issue and initiate the temporary shutdown of your line. This issue is very important because people who find your phone can make long-term or high volume calls using your line. In this case, you must apply to the prosecutor's office with the serial number of your device (IMEl - International Mobile Equipment Identification) and a document stating that the phone belongs to you.
Find out the IMEI number by dialing *#06# on your phone and save it somewhere other than your phone. By means of the IMEI number, the Public Prosecutor's Office you have applied for will contact the GSM operators and will determine which SIM card and who is using your phone. At this point, your phone bill is the only document that shows that the device and number belong to you. Therefore, in such a case, be sure to keep your invoice so that your phone can return to you. If you buy a used phone, ask the person you bought it for the previous bill of sale and a receipt for the purchase you made.

27- How to prevent the installation of spyware on your phone?

      - Make sure to use the SIM card in your mobile phone with the PIN question enabled. Do not choose your PIN in a way that others can easily guess and do not share it with anyone


          - If your phone is stolen, first of all, call the customer service of the service operator you are using, inform about the issue and initiate the temporary shutdown of your line.


              - If you do not know the sender, do not open the links in the SMS, MMS or e-mails that may come to your phone, do not install the software that came with the message, if any.


                  - Pay attention to the security warnings that will appear on your phone, unless you fully understand the information about the risk stated in the message.


                      - As much as possible, do not download content to your phone from links and sources that you are not sure of their safety, or do not install programs that are tried to be installed on your phone.


                          - When you send a program or a document from personal computers to your phone, first of all,  Be sure to scan for viruses on your personal computer or mobile phone.


                              - Turn on your phone's "bluetooth" only when you need it, and turn it off when you're done.


                                  - Do not set your passwords for mobile phones from easily guessable information such as name or date of birth. Keep your personal information and all passwords confidential and do not share them with anyone. Do not write this information anywhere.


                                      - If an e-mail requesting you to send your personal information or password comes from an address that appears to be from the service provider you are using, never reply to this e-mail.


                                          - Make sure that the pages you reach by clicking on the links in the incoming e-mails are the pages you want to reach. When you click on these links, we believe that you have reached the address shown in the link.  However, you may be redirected to a fake site that was actually created. It is the safest method to provide a connection by typing the web address of the sites you want to connect to in the address bar.

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