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iProtect 1210  Analog and Digital Mini Frequency Insect Detection and  Detection Detector

The iProtect 1210 is the ultimate stealth detection device. Slim card-style designs offer professional features. Manufactured for continuous protection by attaching to clothing.

This device has 4 different detection modes. Search (“Search”) – silent mode. Sound (“Sound”) – beeps when transmission is detected. Vibro (“Vibration”) – vibrates when motion is detected. Sleep (“Sleep”) – the device runs every 3 seconds, checking the environment. An alarm is issued when the transmission level increases and the device remains active as long as the transmission continues. For the zero feature, you can press the zero button to “reset” the device. All information on the screen will be cleared and new information will be displayed only when the signal gets stronger.


  • Searching for radio-transmitting listening devices (or RF spy listening devices) in buildings, vehicles, and objects

  • Detecting abuse of mobile phones and other communication devices for speech listening purposes

  • Information can be forwarded to another phone or saved on an answering machine.

  • Detection of harmful emissions from GSM jammers or mini recorder suppressors

  • Detection of harmful emissions from microwave ovens, communication antennas and other electronic devices


  • Detecting any active radio transmitting devices, including digital signals

  • Microcontroller supported operation

  • Card style durable body. It does not attract attention during use or transportation.

  • Operating frequency range: 50—3000 MHz

  • 4 operating modes: Normal (“Normal”), Sound (“Sound”), Vibro  (“Vibration”) and Sleep (“Sleep”)

  • 8-segment bar graph display for precise radio field level measurement and buggy location

  • Integrated antenna

  • Calibrated sensitivity for rejection of background areas

  • “Low battery” indicator

  • “Pulse” indicator for digital transmitter identification including GSM and DECT

  • Powered by CR2430 lithium battery

Technicial Specifications

  • Frequency range: 50 - 3000 MHz

  • Power, QTY: CR2430, 1

  • Average power consumption: 8.5 - 16 mA (minimum 0.36 mA in sleep mode)

  • Continuous operation: 18 - 32 hours (50 - 90 hours in sleep mode)

  • Dimensions, mm × mm × mm: 55×85×7

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