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iProtect 1216  3 BAND 12 GHz Digital and Analog Frequency Insect Detection and Detection Detector

iprotect 1216 with analog and digital devices including the device that transmits information over mobile networks  It is a new professional RF detector produced to detect all kinds of RF eavesdropping devices using wireless standards.

Key features

  • 3-band detection

The frequency range of iProtect 1216 is divided into 3 groups. Each group is represented by a separate bar graph: "VHF/UHF 50-700 MHz", "Mobile and wireless 700 MHz – 3 GHz" and "Microwave and wireless 3-12 GHz". These separate indicators allow the operator to better understand the type of signal detected, to detect multiple signals simultaneously, and to use the detection feature near sources of interference.  recognizes.

  • Microwave

The iProtect 1216 third “microwave” band covers the frequency range 3-12 GHz. This band detects Wi-Fi and other wireless protocols operating at the 5 GHz frequency and higher. Microwave frequencies are assumed to be more hidden since they cannot be detected by common RF detectors. iProtect 1216 can easily find these signals.

  • Alarm

The alarm feature helps the operator reject background interference by adjusting the threshold. If the signal exceeds the alarm threshold, the device beeps. The alarm is also extremely useful when scanning hard-to-reach places or when keeping the device in a "guard" state. The alarm threshold has 48 setting ranges.

  • histogram

In ONE BAND (“SINGLE BAND”) display mode, the iProtect 1216 displays the histogram of the selected band as well as the bar graph. The histogram plots the history of signals received over the last 5 seconds and provides information when observing intermittent/periodic signals or performing a fast area scan.

  • Wi-Fi and 3G

Compared to conventional RF detectors, the iProtect 1216 has far superior sensitivity for 3G, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth spy listening devices. This advantage is achieved with the aid of additional radio frequency paths in the circuit dedicated to specific frequency scanning ranges.

  • Signature

In addition to drawing a bar graph, iProtect 1216 can detect certain signal types and display the corresponding message on the screen: radio DECT device in "idle" state, active DECT device, GSM, 3G, Wi-Fi/Bluetooth



All features

  • Detects all types of RF transmissions, including analog and digital, audio and video

  • Frequency range: 50 MHz – 12 GHz

  • 3-band band helps prevent loss of sensitivity near strong interference

  • ALL BANDS (“ALL BANDS”) and ONE BAND (“SINGLE BAND”) picture modes

  • High 3G and wireless protocol (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc.) sensitivity

  • Operating modes: SILENT (“SILENT”), AUDIO (“AUDIO”) and ALARM (“ALARM”)

  • Adjustable alarm threshold

  • Portable, reliable and easy to use

  • BARGRAPH displays instant RF level

  • With HISTOGRAM (“HISTOGRAM”), the RF signal from the last 5 seconds is displayed (in 'ONE BAND' display mode)

  • Possible signal type is displayed with SIGNATURE (“SIGNATURE”)

  • Built-in directional microwave antenna

  • CNC milled impact resistant Duralumin enclosure

  • Rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery with 6 hours capacity

  • microcontroller  control with

  • 2 internal  OLED display

Technicial Specifications  

  • Frequency range: 50 MHz – 12 GHz

  • Band 1: 50 – 700 MHz

  • Band 2: 700 MHz – 3 GHz

  • Band 3: 3GHz – 12GHz

  • Indicators: Main screen; Status screen

  • Picture modes: ALL BANDS (“ALL BANDS”), ONE BAND (“SINGLE BAND”)

  • Operating modes: SILENT (“SILENT”), AUDIO (“AUDIO”), ALARM (“ALARM”)

  • RF connector: SMA (bands 1 and 2), 50 Ohm

  • Microwave antenna: Internal (band 3)

  • Threshold setting: 48 setting range

  • Rechargeable Battery: Lithium-Ion 1150mAh@3.7V

  • Battery capacity: 6 hours

  • Charging time: 4 hours

  • Charging source: USB

  • Dimensions including antennas: 173x71x21 mm

  • Weight: 265 g

  • Operating temperature: -10°C to 45°C

Standard package coverage

  • Detector

  • Whip antenna

  • Mini USB charging cable

  • User Guide

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