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New features coming with latest updates

  • The updated "Alarms" ( "Alarms") graph of two graphs simultaneously  can display as: general alarms and signal alarms.

  • Generate Report ( "Create Report") make possible to transfer the property to determine the consequences operator to a PDF file  recognizes. Dangerous and non-hazardous signals are listed in the report, all details of the RF environment in the monitored area are explained, and signal activities are shown with “Alarms”, “Spectrogram”, “Waterfall” and “Persistence” graphics.

  • Notifications of detected dangerous signals are sent thanks to the e-mail alerting feature. The warning message contains information about the detected signals with the attached PDF report.

  • " Check for updates "  (“ Check for Updates ”) button has been added. Using this button, you can check new versions and download them to your computer.

  • Windows, iOS or Android remote access . The remote access method will be explained.


  • Update rate, 2000-3000 MHz per second

  • Frequency range: 40 kHz – 4400 MHz

  • Response time: 45 seconds

  • Instantly detects digital signals in short bursts

  • Quickly and reliably detects all types of RF listening devices, including analog, digital, always on and intermittent, transmitting video or audio, encrypted or unencrypted.

  • GSM, 3G, 4G/LTE, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, DECT, etc. Finds stealth tracking devices that use digital standards such as

  • With the help of the Multi-Function Probe that comes with the device, it detects illegal information transmissions in the infrared range with AC, telephone, Ethernet, alarm and other cables.

  • Working modes such as instant detection mode, protection mode, locator mode and vehicle tracking detection

  • It has 20-50 times superior sensitivity and detection distance compared to conventional RF detectors and near field receivers.

  • Monitors RF environment 24/7 with data logging

  • It has the ability to detect hidden insects and transmitters hidden in other signal spectra with its collection function

  • It has unlimited signal storage capacity. All information is stored in the log and can be reviewed both during detection and later. Multiple logging supported.

  • FM, AM, USB, LSB, CW audio demodulation (3…240 kHz adjustable bandwidth)

  • When a dangerous signal is detected, the alarm relay output can activate external devices (for example, it can open CCTV closed-circuit system)

  • Supplied with a protected enclosure in which you can put a 13-14” laptop computer (not included in the standard package content)

  • Laptop powered via USB


What is a laptop-controlled portable system?

  • The high capacity of the laptop hard drive allows full data logging during detection (24/7 recording capability)

  • Large screen provides convenience in analysis

  • Compatible with touchscreen laptops

  • Handheld use of antennas makes it easier to locate transmitters in hard-to-reach places.


GSM, CDMA, 3G, 4G/LTE, DECT, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc. processing mobile and wireless bands such as

Mobile and wireless signals are detected simultaneously with analog transmissions

  • Mobile/wireless signals are detected using independent thresholds and displayed separately from other signals

  • The activities in each band are stored as a single signal with a certain level of danger to prevent over-registration in the Signals table and to detect sources with skipping frequencies.

  • GSM, 3G, 4G, DECT, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc. Additional scans are made on “short burst” bands to increase the likelihood that signals such as

  • External interference from nearby mobile phones and Wi-Fi routers can be rejected with the help of thresholds.

  • Thanks to the data files that come with the device, the operator will be able to adjust the system according to the mobile / wireless bands in force in the country of use.


  Sensitivity and detection distance

  • The built-in spectrum analyzer has 20-50 times superior sensitivity and detection distance compared to conventional RF detectors and near field receivers.

  • Interference resistance – no loss of sensitivity regardless of proximity to wireless routers, cordless phones, cell phones, TV towers, radio broadcast and mobile communication devices


Support for “known signals” table

  • The operator will be able to easily distinguish between safe and dangerous signals.

  • TV frequencies in force in the country of use can be quickly transferred to the data files that come with the device.

  • FM, VHF/UHF police and municipal channels can be collected and recorded.


Advanced signal recognition method

  • Signals are automatically recognized in spectrum traces and added or updated in the Signals table

  • Both digital and analog signals are captured by assigning the corresponding Hazard level


  Unique signal Hazard level measurement algorithm

  • Uses a combination of reference track and independent thresholds for mobile/wireless bands

  • It takes into account signal strength and bandwidth.

  • Use in analog and digital signals, including varying frequency transmissions

  • It provides more reliable results compared to the traditional "signal strength" method by being used in localization.


Minimum operator knowledge

  • With the help of the “Update Masks” procedure, the system is ready for detection in a few minutes.

  • Manual spectrum traces do not require processing

  • Everything is done automatically when it starts the detection process

  • When a dangerous signal is detected, the operator is warned with an audible warning


Data logging

  • All spectrum traces and areas during detection are recorded

  • Opportunity to study and research the situation at a given time

  • 24-hour log detects periodically operating/remote-controlled listening devices


Signal activity tracking

  • A single signal or the full history of all signals are displayed simultaneously in the Alarms graph

  • Possibility to review events at a particular time by clicking on the graph

  • The operator will be able to distinguish between interference and real danger by seeing the duration of activity.


Waterfall and Persistence graphics

  • Current and past measurements at a particular time can be viewed

  • The displayed time interval (intensity) can be selected between 2 minutes and 6 hours.


Vehicle Tracker mod

  • With mobile band monitoring, signals from GPS tracking devices hidden in the vehicle can be detected.

Technicial Specifications

  • Update rate: 100MHz/second

  • Frequency range: 40 kHz - 6000 MHz

  • Detection time (minimum signal presence time for detection): 45 seconds

  • Spectrum resolution: 15 kHz

  • Disk space used in 24 hours: 0.5 Gb

  • Temperature Range: 0°C to +70°C

  • PC requirements: 3rd Generation or higher Intel dual/quad core i-series processor; 1xUSB 3.0; 2xUSB 2.0; Windows 7,8,10

  • Displayed dynamic range: -90…-10 dBm

  • Displayed spectrum ranges: 0.5, 1, 2, 5, 10, 25, 50, 100, 200, 500, 1000, 2000, 3000, 6000 MHz

  • Spectrum charts: Spectrogram, Waterfall

  • Data displayed in the spectrogram: Persistence, Vivid, Maximum, Threshold

  • Detector modes: Wide Range, Signal, Select

  • 'Signals' table fields: Frequency, Bandwidth, Name, dBm Level, dBm Peak Level, Hazard Level, Peak Hazard Level

  • 'Bands' table fields: From, To, Name, Type, Threshold, Priority, Audience detection

  • 'Known Signals' table fields: Frequency, Bandwidth, Name, Modulation

Software Features

  • Rich visual representation: Spectrogram/Persistence, Waterfall, Alarms graph

  • Known Signals cable allows the system to reject TV, FM and other “friendly” signals while maintaining high sensitivity to unknown signals.

  • Detector and Locator locate the operator's listening device and provide both visual and audible notification

  • Alarm Threshold ( "Alarm Threshold") reduces the false alarm rate

  • Hold Max Danger ( "Maximum Hazard Hold") feature shows the locations of selecting the strongest signal while moving during detection system

  • Update Mask ( "Mask Update") rejected the operator's procedures in order to secure the signal system allows to adjust quickly to the local RF environment

  • Supports signals table sorting and filtering

  • The Report (“ Report ”) function allows the operator to export all the information obtained about the desired signals

  • Easily translated into all languages

Operating Modes

  • Stop/View Logging
    A review of the detection results stored in the log record. Signals chart, Spectrogram, Waterfall and Alarm graphs provide complete information about detected signals and alarm events

  • Update masks
    Rapid preparation for detection – the system automatically aggregates current broadcast and other secure signals in the area and transmits them at the next detection

  • RF Scanning
    Main detection mode. It provides maximum response time and maximum sensitivity. The operator will be able to carry the system or antenna during detection.

  • 24/7 Protection
    In this mode, the number of false alarms is reduced by rejecting short transmissions and using two antennas. It is suitable for 24-hour detection without unwanted false alarms.

  • Vehicle Tracking Device
    Coordinates transmitted by vehicle-mounted GPS tracking devices via mobile networks are detected.

  • Examination
    Control of infrared/low frequency against unwanted insect eavesdropping signals with AC, Ethernet, Telephone and Alarm cables

  • Signal Analyzer
    Analysis, demodulation and physical location of detected signals

  • Settings
    Includes general settings and information about mobile networks and wireless bands available in the area, and a table of known signals.

Standard package content

  • Main unit with built-in spectrum analyzer and RF switcher

  • Delta X Software on USB flash drive

  • ODA-4 – omnidirectional antenna

  • MWA-6 – microwave antenna

  • Multifunctional Probe with Cables

  • Coaxial low attenuation cable 5 m

  • Inline modular adapter

  • Convertible tripod to handle

  • Accessory kit (enclosure cover lock, angled USB adapters, BNC-SMA and SMA-BNC adapters)

DeltaX 2000/6 PDF Files and Downloads

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