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It is clear that mobile phones have endless benefits for communication and business; however, they also create certain information leak threats. One of the possible leak channels is that the phone's microphone can pick up the surrounding acoustics with a high sensitivity. PHONE SECURITY SUMMIT was developed by information security experts to protect against exactly this type of threat.

While developing this product, PHONE SAFE SUMMIT, the pinnacle of phone security, has been designed by taking into account all the technical and physical features of modern phones, and as a result of long-lasting R&D studies.  

It is a state-of-the-art product developed against all phone eavesdropping and spyware. It is the latest eavesdropping technology released in 2021.

While developing this product, the following features and vulnerabilities of modern phones were taken into account:

  • The phone may be intentionally or secretly 'off' during important negotiations.

  • Voice recording software can work on smartphone knowingly or covertly

  • The eavesdropping software can operate in 'incognito' mode. The spyware can be installed on the smartphone without the owner's knowledge, allowing attackers to activate eavesdropping around the phone. There are known cases of such software being transmitted by exploiting the vulnerabilities of some messengers.

  • The acoustic environment around the phone can be transmitted to the attackers' server or cloud service in real time or with a deferred upload.

  • Smartphone apps that have access to the phone's microphone can be used to eavesdrop if they're hacked (usually like messengers or social networking apps)

  • Uploading information can be done in the following ways: traditional voice call, mobile internet, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, connector of the phone

Unfortunately, the creation of radio interference (RF jamming of mobile communications, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth) does not guarantee protection, as there is still the possibility of information accumulating in the phone's memory (voice recorder mode). Given this factor, the only reliable way of protection is to block the phone's acoustic channel. This prevents acoustic information from leaking, regardless of how it is listened to or transmitted. A number of modern technologies are used for your safety in the PHONE SAFE SUMMIT device.



  • It blocks the phone's microphone with the help of unfiltered ultrasonic interference,

  • Effectively prevents environmental recording applications from capturing speech and sounds,

  • It suppresses both the lower and upper microphones of the phone, creating bilateral interference,

  • It can fit up to 4 phones,

  • Inaudible interference frequency, optimally selected for the best performance, top success in all current smartphone models,

  • It is made with a natural wooden stand design, has quality workmanship,

  • Acoustically isolated phone can stay close to the owner where the screen can be easily seen and screen notifications are seen,

  • The phone stays online and can be used for incoming calls,

  • The phone is not a signal blocking system,

  • Powered by external USB or internal rechargeable battery,

  • It has 2 sensors that increase the resource of the battery: when a phone is plugged in (USING sensor) and when there is a conversation (ACTIVE sensor) the device starts to produce noise

  • Compatible with all types of phones (max. height 180 mm)


Technical specifications  

Parasite type:         Ultra sound, inaudible frequency
Noise power:
       <2 W in active area
Compatible phones: Height up to 180mm
             600 g
                 USB 5V Built-in rechargeable battery
Instant consumption:
       500 mA (noise mode)
                    6 mA (standby mode)
                  Li-Ion, 3.7 V, 6800 mAh
            USB Type C
Battery source:
         >10 hours
Charging time:
          12 hours
           IN USE, ACTIVE
            up to 4 phones



2. USB Type C cable
4. User manual



Catalog and User Manual

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