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Raksa Idet  Mini Insect Search and  Detection Detector
Revolution in Transmitter Detection Devices!!

such as listening device and hidden camera  RAKSA, a new generation analog / digital scanning device for technology that threatens our private life!!

Miniature | Quiet | Professional

Raksa is a miniature, portable, professional, silent, high quality, new generation transmitter detection and signal analysis device.


Raksa is a professional insect finder device that you can use to analyze the radio signals around you, to prevent the leaking of confidential information using radio frequencies and to detect the exact location of devices such as bugging devices and bugs.


Raksa detects the following signals:


  • Cell phones and cordless phones emitting digital signals in GSM 900 / GSM 1800, UMTS (3G), CDMA 450 standards

  • Cordless DECT phones 

  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connection frequencies and audio listening devices using these connections

  • Wireless camera, wireless hidden camera and their frequencies

  • Radio transmitters (bugs) and listening devices using AM, FM, PM modulation systems and standards

  • FSK, digital signal transmitters and listening systems made for continuous transport, using PSK modulation

  • broadband modulated radio transmitters


Raksa, with low IF and frequency synthesizer,  It is a superheterodyne RF detector.  Scan and  cycle time  analysis  1.0 - 1.5  There are scan (Sweep), protection (Guard), search (Search) and difference analysis (Difference Search) modes and digital signals display modes.

Important Features:


  • Selection of frequencies to be scanned

  • High speed scanning and frequency analysis

  • Scanning of broadband analog and digital frequency signals

  • Analysis of the difference between the signals in the environment and the previous signals

  • Audio analysis and FM demodulation

  • Frequency reading and power level analysis (dBm)

  • Special cases alarm

  • Silent alarm - Vibration mode

  • Internal antenna - No external antenna required

Guard Mode

The watchman mode is in the state of continuous monitoring, in case of danger, it will automatically give a "danger" warning when it detects a digital signal such as a listening device or any GSM signal, if it exceeds the set signal level, nearby or within the coverage area.

It is very important for listening devices, video transmitters, whose watchdog mode is most active with the remote control.
  In addition, GSM-based listening devices and audio listening devices using GSM protocol, which is very important issue, emit signals when they are active, so Watch mode is very useful for catching this type of listening devices.

Analog signals make background noise, a feature of the beacon mode is this reduces background noise and misleading signals, making it easier to catch listening devices. In this way, it captures signal jumps and GSM signals clearly, ignoring slow frequency fluctuations.
Scan Mode (Sweep Mode)

In this way of working, Raksa produces all kinds of analog and digital broadcasting devices, video transmitters, wireless cameras, wireless listening devices,
  wireless hidden cameras, GSM-based listening devices, using GSM transfer protocol  detects the signals of all types of hidden cameras and audio transmission devices.  It detects the signals of all these devices and also shows the power level of these signals in dBm.

Search Mode

This signal is used in search mode to pinpoint the exact location of the transmitter. Depending on the increase in signal strength, the exact location of the transmitter is determined. Existing by hovering over electronic devices,  All kinds of analog and digital broadcasting listening devices, video transmitters, wireless cameras, wireless listening devices,  It precisely detects the signals and location of wireless hidden cameras, GSM-based listening devices, all hidden cameras and audio transmission devices using the GSM transfer protocol.
Difference Search Mode

The differential detection mode is used to locate and locate analog audio bugging transmitters and eavesdropping devices.

This is very useful when the listening device and Raksa are in the same room in this detection mode. When it starts scanning, it shows the signal difference by analyzing the frequency power or signal difference of the listening device or audio listening device, giving an audible and light warning when it is entered into the room, with the analysis performed outside the room.

Monitoring of Digital Signals (Digital Signals)

  your signals  tracking  (GSM900/1800, UMTS  (3G),  CDMA450  types),  mobile phone  of signals  to detect and detect  is designed,  wireless  telephone  (DECT  standard),  It detects instantaneous and peek pulse signals connected to all kinds of digital signal frequencies with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and 2.4 Ghz.

While tracking digital signals, you can view all these signals and their power level in dBm.


Audio Analysis - Demodulation

You can listen to the sounds of audio monitoring, analog signals and analog listening devices and sound transmission devices that emit all types of signals, working in scanning, searching and difference monitoring modes.


Recording of Hazard Warning Alerts (Alarm Log)

Dangerous detected during Guard Mode.
  It saves the signals in its memory. It has a memory that can hold 200 records.  As Raksa catches a dangerous signal different from its own memory,  continues to record. Signal right while recording, run  dBm power signal, the structure of the signal (Analog | Digital),  also records the time interval and sequence.

Technicial Specifications:

Frequency range:                     50 MHz - 3300 MHz

Sensitivity:                         70mV/m

Dynamic Scan:                    50dBm

Bandwidth:                      10MHz

Full Scan Repeat Time:           ≤ 1.5 S

Working Time in Guard Position:   4h - 12h

Run Time in Other Modes:       3h

Display Indicator:                    OLED 128X64

Dimensions:                           77 X 43 X 18 mm

Weight:                             35 gr.

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