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Technical Scan
Frequently Asked Questions
Who needs technical screening?

Who can be the target of a bugging device?


Of course, almost anyone can be the target of listening devices for a number of reasons.


Depending on the workplace they work for, their position, personal positions, financial situations, personal reasons or personal relationships and other similar situations can make you a target. 

Answers to your questions Frequency  Here you can find answers to many questions you want to ask but haven't asked about analysis, insect search, insect scanning, listening detection, cleaning of listening devices.


We are ready to share our 20 years of experience and training on the subject with you. You can ask us any questions you may have.  

You can reach our Frequently Asked Questions section here and get help from us about listening devices and technical analysis by writing to us the questions you cannot find.  

In today's world, where listening and watching has reached serious dimensions in the 21st century,


• If you are worried about being listened to, 
• If you think there are hidden cameras around you,
  If you need security from the people you love, 
  If you feel and know that you are being followed and want to take precautions, 
  If you are being blackmailed or threatened,


Please contact us for our free security consultation.  Do not hesitate to call 0 216 360 1 777,

We are at your service every day of the year, around the clock to address your concerns.

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News and Articles

DeltaX G2/6 Real Time - Frequency Analysis and Insect Analyzer

2021 Latest Model Spectrum Analyzer Frequency Analysis Listening Device Detection Analyzer is out. The simultaneous signal analyzer with state-of-the-art technical architecture has already become the most demanded product all over the world with its ease of use and superior sensitivity. Number one with its price performance success, a must-have for anyone who is concerned about being listened to or providing a detection service.




Analogue and digital based insect search and detection device "Protect 1206i" has been renewed. With its easy-to-use and directional antenna, you will be able to detect the exact location of insect listening devices. 
"PROTECT 1206i", the best-selling analog and digital frequency signal analysis, insect detection, insect detection and signal detection device in Europe and America, is in our stocks...

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